Accounting & Financial Services

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Our team has the financial expertise to provide the folowing services on personalized basis.

Book-keeping & Payroll

Maintain day-to-day Accounts along with Bank & other Reconciliations through a set of agreed deliverables, as well as clearing Accounting backlogs and preparation of Payroll.

Management Information Systems

Annual and monthly Financial Budgets, Work out Management A/Cs, Product-wise Costing and product-wise profitability & Break-even.

Financial Management

Advice on Re-engineering your Balance Sheet, Forex Risk Management.
Projection of monthly cash flows.

Controls & Procedures

Review Internal Controls & implement strong control systems. Set Inventory Management ordering levels, critical stocks, procurement planning & transport logistics. Set up Credit Controls for Debt-collections.

Taxation & Compliances

Prepare your Tax & VAT Returns on I-tax. I-tax registrations.
Prepare your statutory returns for PAYE, NSSF, NHIF, VAT and Withholding tax.

Funds Procurement

Advice on cheap sources of funding. Prepare Bank Projections for Term Loans or Working Capital Borrowings. Procure Term Loans and Working Capital from Banks and Financial Institutions at very low rates.

Defining/Reviewing Systems & Processes

Mapping or review of existing processes. Suggesting improvements in Process & Documents flow for Procurement, Sales, Inventory, Payments. Spelling out the Company’s Credit Policy. Preparation of Job Descriptions (JD) & Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for staff.

Processes Implementation & Accounts Supervision

Monitoring that each person is working and providing reports as per their JDs. Monitoring the day to day entries are properly happening with proper documentation and filing. Checking Bank Reconciliations against others, Payroll to ensure statutory compliances.

Management Reporting & Business Plans/Budgets

Preparation of detailed Budget or Business Plan. Provision of Monthly Profit & Loss A/c., Balance Sheet, Debtors’ & Inventory ageing Variance analysis, Budget Comparison, Funds Flow Analysis, Cashflow Projection, Product Costing and Payback analysis.